Right, so you want to know about ShoesDays? Fair enough. We started ShoesDays because we LOVE shoes. We believe that a good pair of shoes can make an outfit, they can make you stand straight and walk more confidently, put a smile on your face and make you feel better about yourself. If two little shoes can do all that then it is surely worth treating yourself to a pair every once in a while.

Now although if most of us girls were given the choice between a new pair of shoes and having to cut back on the food shopping for the rest of the month we would all be strutting out of the co-op in our new heels with 2 weeks worth of instant noodles to live off, we don't think this should be a choice you have to make. Shoesdays is all about giving you the shoes you want at a price that's fair. So let's stop making excuses and start choosing shoeses (that made sense in my head). Make today your shoesday.