Shoes are not just a necessity, they are an important aspect of your individual style and our lifestyle too. There are different types and models of shoes adapted to all lifestyles of all people living on this planet. No matter if you are an active type of person or a more formal one who insists on looking flawless all the time, there is a right pair of shoes for you out there. Some people are crazy about shoes and they collect them.

Some people invest in rare models and brands. Some people are more minimal in their approach to shoes and they make sure to own just a few pairs they can use all the time. Some shoes can change your life – ask Cinderella if you don’t believe us. No matter your case, you deserve a perfect pair of shoes. The perfect one would be the one that fits your lifestyle and covers the purpose you are getting it for. The perfect one would also look good and have a smart and functional design. It will be the pair of shoes that stands out with great quality and last for years. Most importantly, the perfect pair of shoes is the one that ensures comfort all throughout the day and night. So, how to select the right pair of shoes for you? Here are eight super handy tips that will help you make the best choices next time you are shopping for footwear.

  • The best time for shoe shopping and trying our different models is the afternoon. There is a big chance your feet will be slightly swollen during this time of the day, especially if it comes to a hot day.

  • Make sure to wear the same type of socks you are intending to wear with the shoes when trying the shoes on. This will help you determine how comfortable you will with the shoes on once you start wearing them on an everyday basis. This is especially important when it comes to seasonal shoes.

  • Ask the salesperson to measure both of your feet. Normally, most people would have a slight difference in the measurements of both feet and it is important to determine the best size depending on your situation. Get measured every time you get new pair of shoes since the size of your feet may change with time and under different conditions. In case one of the foot is wider or longer than the other one, make sure to buy shoes in a size that matches the larger and longer one.

  • When trying on shoes, make sure to not just try them while in a sitting position, but rather stand in them, walk around the shop. Normally, there should be at least a quarter – to a half-inch of space between the longest toe and the shoe.

  • Do not forget to walk around in the shoes and around the shop before you purchase them. This will help you determine how they feel on your feet and how comfortable you feel wearing them. Is there enough room, do the shoes feel too tight or too wide? Do the heels feel snuggly or do they slip off? Do not think that you just need to “break in” the shoes and everything will be ok. If the shoes do not feel ok right there in the shop, they probably won’t feel ok once you start wearing them. Make sure to find a pair of shoes that feel comfortable and fit right from the start.

  • Do not prioritise the shoe’s description or size. Just because a shoe is sold as size 5, it does not mean it will feel comfortable on your size 5 feet. Rather trust your individual instinct and understanding of comfort and convenience. Keep in mind that sizes vary from one manufacturer to other and no matter if the advertisement claims that a specific pair of shoes is created for maximum comfort and freedom, if it the shoes do not feel comfortable to you, then you should not invest in them.

  • Do not forget to check the inside of the shoes and look for anything that can irritate your feet or cause blisters, such as tags, seams, particular types of material.

  • Check out the shoe’s soles and inspect them. You want to invest in shoes with soles that are sturdy enough and thick enough to protect your feet from sharp objects such as pieces of glass, small stones, etc. It is a big plus of the shoes’ soles are providing some level of cushioning which ensures additional comfort and balance when walking.

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