Wide Fit Shoes

Wide Fit Shoes is your number one supplier of extra wide shoes. This is an online wide fit shoe shop specifically aimed at anyone with wider feet in style looking to buy extra wide shoes. Buy extra wide shoes for your feet to feel comfortable when walking.

We are a well-established footwear retailer since 1965 with lots of experience in dealing with ‘problematic feet’. We have many referrals from the orthopedic hospitals, podiatrists, foot clinics, general health clinics and doctors’ surgeries. We at Wide Fit Shoes take pride in our range of shoes. High Street retailer shoe sizes only come in one width, whereas we at Wide Fit Shoes specialize in all shapes and sizes, as well as ‘problematic feet’. Our shoes are designed for extra comfort. These include seam free soft padded leather uppers, large toe box areas that give height as well as width to the fitting and removable socks that allow for the insertion of orthotic devices. We also provide a comprehensive fitting service in store where our experienced staff can help you find the correct shape and size to accommodate you.