Walters Shoes

Walters Shoes have been sourcing great collections of shoes for over 70 years - we're still a family owned business, now run by the fifth generation! Our aim is to give you exciting shoes you can wear everyday, and show you that you can have comfort AND style at the same time. We're not about throwaway cheap fashion, or spending loads of money on something you'll only wear once or twice. We believe in affordability and quality, and so do our growing customer base!

We are 100% official retailers for lots of great brands, many with the latest comfort technology built in. Our brands have been tried and tested in our South Wales shop, and we edit our selection online to give you the best of the best. We're not box shifters, we believe in our shoes, and take great care in selecting them. We know they're good because we wear them ourselves!

Secure payment via PayPal means you can buy in confidence from one of the UK's most established shoe retailers.