From British high street phenomenon to worldwide dominator, Topman has come a long way since its inception in 1978 with over 250 stores in the UK and a further 154 stores internationally across 31 countries. Topman stores are in over 60 cities worldwide, stretching across 20 countries with boutiques in China and Japan even stocking the brand. America is also getting a healthy dose of Topman love, with stores in LA, Vegas and New York (check out our second biggest store on Fifth Avenue), as well as over 40 Nordstrom stores housing the brand. London's mega Oxford Circus Flagship - one of 8 chief stores in the major cities through the UK - is also seeing an expansion with another Topman floor being built and is hosting a free Personal Shopping Service. Here 75,000 pairs of feet storm the 15,000 square foot floor every week, and that number is sure to go up with the new shopping space! At Topman we launch 100s of new product every week!