Prestige Dry Cleaners

With over 22 years of experience, Prestige Dry Cleaners provide the Milton Keynes area with dry cleaning services from curtain cleaning to clothing alterations. Located next to Milton Keynes train station, Prestige Dry Cleaners can offer commuters a number of services ranging from dry cleaning to alterations. We are specialist dry cleaners in formal and evening wear, we can offer clothing repairs and clothes alterations, ironing services and domestic cleaning services for when you may need curtains or duvets dry cleaned. All garments we deal with are hand finished whilst we also offer various household services that can come in handy on your way to work.

As well as our dry cleaning and alterations service, we offer a first class Shoe repairs service that is fast and reliable. We open early in the morning until the evening, and we are one of the few dry cleaners available for use by workers who spend the majority of their day in the office.