Pod Footwear

The Pod brand has upheld its reputation as a trusted household name for over three decades, known for producing quality comfort footwear. But how did it all begin?

Step back in time to 1976, to a little know town called Rushden, right in the heart of the shoe-manufacturing county of Northamptonshire. The platform era was very much coming to an end and as Americana trends hit UK shores the Lois & Levi look soon replaced the flared fashion that had become synonymous with that decade. The shift in fashion left a real gap in the footwear market and the public was crying out for fresh new footwear to complement their new style. So, during the long hot summer of '76, the Pod brand was established by two gents, who shared the same conviction to produce cutting-edge unisex footwear which combined comfort, style and durability to the every day shoe. Together they created the original jean shoe.