Nature Shop

We are a company with a conscience and are passionate about supporting brands with strong ethical and environmental values. We are conscious we live in a world of plenty for some and a world of not enough for others and it is our vision to sell products that are produced with environmental and social responsibility in mind. We believe positive actions, no matter how big or small, towards respecting our planet and all its inhabitants, can make a difference and we hope our small actions will contribute to making our world a better place.

Nature Shop specialise in unique, high quality, 'inspired by nature' clothing and footwear for the outdoor and active lifestyles. We like products 'by nature' and 'for nature'! We want to encourage 'mindful consumerism' as well encourage people to get outdoors! Out amongst nature! We believe in traceability and visibility and stock brands that offer us the chance to see where and how their products are made.