Le Bunny Bleu

QUIRKY, COLORFUL, CHARMING AND TOTALLY ADORABLE, the collection channels retro influences with EXTREME 'attention to detail' for the passionate and 'romantic at heart' girl. The hipster cool New York City fashion scene is blended with the effortless chic-ness of European beauty and perfection to bring you the sweetest shoes you've EVER seen!

Our mascot, the adorable and unforgettable bunny rabbit is all about the way you think - - 'YOUR desire to be free, go through life with a specific determination, be both charming and fascinating', and, ' to be able to move with a desire that always gets YOU where AND what YOU WANT'.

Signature shoes range from classic to avant-garde and include: Oxfords, Slip-ons, Loafers, Espadrilles, Ballet Flats, Sandals, Rain & Wool Boots and Fashion Sneakers. Over 100 styles per season will make your head spin and, always combine TOTAL comfort with one-of-a-kind high style. Be 'hipster chic' or "romantic vintage". Own multiple pairs. You'll be the talk of your town!