Holts International Shoe Agency

Nearly 70 years ago my Grandad, Alec Holt, realised that the shoes he really wanted to be selling in his shops were nowhere to be found. Certainly not in Britain. He wanted 3 things - Creative Styling, Comfort and High quality So he did some research and found himself in the beautiful city of Bassano Del Grappa, just north of Venice. This is a place renowned for home crafted shoes of the highest quality. Here began the long relationship with The Renata Factory and the Saloman Family, one that transcends 3 generations and continues to this day.

Today there are frighteningly few other brands that can still claim their shoes are 100% MADE IN ITALY. We CAN! We haven't compromised on any part of this extensive process to make a quick buck. With so much disposable fashion available today we stand out in that our shoes are investment pieces. They will last long after a passing fad. In fact, proof of this is the number of Renata's that I found when visiting a well known Vintage Market in Manchester.