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We are a London based kids lifestyle brand, founded in 2016 by myself and my partner, together we wanted to create genderless and timeless designs for our darling daughter Mia. We are also proud owners of our English Bulldog, named Bulb. Our love to share creative, simplistic yet contemporary designs for kids are against the traditional gender-styled designs. The inspiration behind the brand comes through our modern, fanciful and minimal living lifestyle in London.

Clothing and textiles leave tons of waste that end up at dumps all over the world. The clothing takes time to break down, and some textiles, like polyester, even create chemical pollution. Hence we are focusing & communicating continuous with our manufactures across to avoid any excessive amount of production that potentially can become dead stock. For a small business, this affects a lot as overall it increases the price per unit due to manufacturing at a minimum quantity basis. For big fashion retailers, mass production strategy enables them to sell products at a much cheaper price but affecting our environment enormously.

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12d Leigham Court Road

City of London, SW16 2PJ
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    12d Leigham Court Road, City of London, SW16 2PJ